Beautiful Creatures

A boy from a small-town meets a girl from out of town. She is distant and mysterious at first, but begins to warms up when she realizes he is different than other guys. Rumors swirl about where she came from, and strange things start to happen. The boy eventually learns all of the family secrets. The girl faces an important milestone on her 16th birthday which may change her forever. She must decide between being with the boy she has come to love, or protecting him by pushing him away.

I had no idea what this movie was about going into it… I really enjoyed the first 30 minutes, when I realized what I was watching. The movie begins with a mysterious plot and endearing characters, but they cut out the rest of that movie and pasted in something that I did not want to finish. Warning: I am going to ruin the movie for you. The movie changes from the story of a boy and girl to the story of a young witch, battling her evil mother and facing the date when she will become either a dark witch or… whatever the opposite of a dark witch is (a good witch?). There are magic powers, lightning storms, birthdays, supernatural living rooms, deaths, fake deaths, evil cousins, and so on and so forth. Weird. I was not prepared. If you are the one guy that liked “twilight”, then you might like this one. If you are a teenage girl that can’t fit in because you are magic, then this might hit pretty close to home. Otherwise, DON’T DO IT!