The Wedding Planner

A successful wedding planner has given up on love. She is rescued from a speeding dumpster one day by a handsome stranger and they make a connection. She discovers that the stranger is actually the fiancée of a high-profile client whom she has been meeting with for weeks.

This is not a horrible movie by any means. It is bearable. It might even be considered “good” if it wasn’t riddled with painful clichés and “chick-flick” stereotypes: An independent, successful woman, who is just not happy until she finds Mr. Right. The same woman who has become so successful in a client-facing role, but just doesn’t know what to say to a guy. Being “trapped” in an engagement and just not knowing how to get out of it. Waiting until the last possible second to make a decision, then racing across town/city/country to break up a wedding/stop a flight/stop a bus.

If you want to watch a really good movie with J.Lo, check out “Enough”. That is a great movie! It’s not a “chick-flick”, but your woman will dig it.