Remember Me

This movie was a huge surprise! I can’t believe how… Wait, let me get the plot summary out of the way…

A young man struggles to find direction and purpose after the death of his older brother. After a run in with an aggressive police officer, he learns that the man’s daughter is in one of his college classes. He is coerced into pursuing her in order to get back at the officer. They develop a relationship, and the young man learns about the girl’s difficult past. He feels that she has a unique ability to understand his pain and relate to the struggles that he faces. They face multiple issues and challenges together over the course of several weeks and grow closer. The young man must determine how to best face the secret of the initial encounter with her father and the complete story behind their meeting.

…Anyway, huge surprise. The cast is electric. This movie features Robert Pattinson (the dude from Twilight), Emilie de Ravin (Claire from LOST!), and Pierce Brosnan (way better than in 007) among others. The story is classic, but far from cliché. There are enough details and surprises to keep it interesting, without making the plot overly complicated. The setting is rich and engulfing. From the opening scene, you are drawn into the lives of the main characters. I do not often find myself caring what happens to an on-screen couple, but I really wanted it to work out for these two. The ending will leave you speechless… that’s about all I can say.

I loved it! Your girl will go nuts for it! I feel confident that you will like it too… DO IT!