Ruby Sparks

A struggling writer is inspired by a woman from a dream, and soon fills pages with her story. He thinks he has gone insane when he awakes one morning and finds the girl from his book alive and making him breakfast. After determining that the girl from his dreams has actually come to life, the writer develops a relationship… but discovers the same issues that are encountered in any relationship.

The more I think about this movie, the more I like it. It is entertaining and thoughtful. The characters are interesting, quirky, and easy to relate to. The writer (Paul Dano) embodies the neurosis that we all experience at some point. Ruby’s character is cute and quirky, but begins to experience all of the “other” emotions associated with being in a relationship. Dano discovers that he can control Ruby by adding to her story. He can make her feel a certain way or give her additional characteristics… but discovers the consequences of trying to controle another person’s emotions. It is original and entertaining. I found it thought provoking and pretty funny. It might make you a better person. DO IT!