Thanksgiving Weekend

You are probably looking forward to a weekend filled with football, turkey, Lord of the Rings marathons, etc. So am I. It’s an important transition period from late fall to deep winter. This is our chance to add an extra layer of skin to protect against the cold, and to bulk up in preparation for our long hibernation. It’s also a good chance to settle in and get used to spending night after night indoors in front of the television. While every manly trilogy/series from Die Hard to Bourne will inevitably be repeating this weekend on one channel or another, consider taking a break this weekend to enjoy a movie with a girl.

Here are a few you might be able to stand:

Dan in Real Life

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

The Age of Adaline

Walk the Line

One thought on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. I agree with all of these movies. I was surprised that age of adeline was a “do it” I would have thought otherwise. Although I have never seen it, I made these judgements based on the boring looking cover.


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