The Age of Adaline

A young woman experiences a strange event/accident that causes her to stop aging. She remains 29 years old for several decades as the world changes around her. She keeps her condition secret for many reasons, as she moves from place to place. She tries to maintain a relationship with her daughter, but avoids other relationships in fear of exposing her secret. She meets a man who tries to draw near to her, but she resists.

This movie was pretty good, and it stars Blake Lively; that was enough for me. The story is interesting, the movie is really well made, and the acting is great. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but Harrison Ford plays an important role in this story as well. In the story, it was made abundantly clear that remaining 29 years old and incredibly beautiful was a very serious trial in the main character’s life… which I found difficult to understand or relate to. Apart from that I liked it. Imagine The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but less confusing… and in reverse… kind of… which is chronologically… don’t worry about it. Do It!