Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Two strangers/neighbors face a surreal existence during the last three weeks before the Earth is demolished by a meteor. They travel across several states in search of various “things to do” before the end of humanity.

“We will bring you continuous coverage of the 70-mile wide meteor that will end life on Earth… and your favorite, classic hits.” This is the first line of the movie, heard over the radio right before Carrell’s wife runs out of the car, never to be seen again. I found this movie hilarious! It has a clever, sarcastic sense of humor that I could not get enough of. There are three weeks left before the world is destroyed, and there is one guy still at the gym lifting weights. That is funny. (with a period, not an exclamation point) After Carrell’s wife leaves him, his friends try to set him up on a blind date… what is the point? There is a relationship that develops between Carrell and Keira Knightley, but it is more like “meeting” someone, than “Falling in Love”. I like it. This movie is well-made and entertaining. I loved it! I think you will probably at least like it.