Bride Wars

Two friends discover that their weddings have been booked at the same venue on the same day. Their friendship falls apart as they each refuse to budge on the wedding plans that they have been dreaming ofsince their childhood.

This movie was a huge surprise. If you have ever avoided a new kind of food, because you were sure it would make you sick… but then discovered that you really like it, then you can relate. I have put off watching this movie on multiple occasions because I was confident that it would be awful. I was really surprised to find myself laughing within the first few minutes. The plot is directed primarily toward women (“Wouldn’t it be a nightmare if your wedding was at the same time as your best friends? AAAH!”). However, it is something that most guys can relate to easily… (“Women are really crazy!”). The characters are outrageous, but not unrealistic. The situation is believable, and the story is engaging. It was fun to watch Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson tear each other apart.

I recommend this movie because you will score MAJOR chick flick points, and you will not suffer. DO IT!