Labor day

A fugitive kidnaps a woman and her son, and he hides in their home. A relationship between the three quickly develops. He fixes things around the house, and teaches the boy how to play baseball. He must attempt an escape from the town where he is being searched for, but is reluctant to leave.

Josh Brolin is really, really cool. This is a great movie. The cover, and trailers would lead you to believe you will be subjected to a cliche “middle-age” romance/drama. The best part of this movie is the lack of actual romance or drama. The “love” in this love story is subtle and unspoken. When it is present, the romance is unique and intriguing. You actually have to watch and listen quite carefully to know if the two even like each other. Brolin is a fugitive who falls in with the chick from Titanic and her pre-teen son. He wins the girl in the most serious way, and plays surrogate father while he is at it. Very, very good. You will not hate it.