Love happens

A motivational speaker helps others deal with grief, while avoiding his own. He meets a florist, who plays hard to get, but eventually gets got.

There is a lot of talking, group discussions, more talking, self reflection, and a secret past. This movie was relatively good, but is a perfect example of the genre: A successful businessman crosses paths with an artistic free-spirit, who has just gone through a tough breakup. The two interact uncomfortably at first because one or both has been up of the scene for awhile. The subtle initial attraction blossoms to an irresistible force. At some point an undesirable secret comes to light which threatens the trust of one or the other. The secret is eventually solved or discussed or forgotten and the two find each other once again. Yeah, that summarizes this movie. Jennifer Aniston is not bad to look at; neither is Aaron Eckhart for that matter.