If I stay

A teen girl who plays the cello is in a car accident and regains consciousness outside of her body. There are flashbacks of her life ( this tends to happen when you are stuck outside of your body)… but mostly just the romance that had ended just prior to the accident.

Teen-romance in every way. It’s like “Ghost”, but not good. The out of body, near death experience is intriguing, but not very well executed. The majority of the movie is just a cliche, uninspiring teenage love story. The movie really dragged on. Music is a huge theme of the movie, but its not very good music. She plays the cello, but we only get to hear a few seconds of that at a time. We do get several minutes of her boyfriend’s mediocre “rock” band, featuring the most played out lyrics you can imagine (“… I can’t get you out of my mind…”).

Your girl will love it, you will regret it. Send her with a friend.