The perks of being a wallflower

The story of a small, but close group of friends who navigate various trials during and shortly after high school.

Sounds just like every other movie ever made for a teen audience. Fortunately, this one is much better than most movies with the same basic plot. What makes it stand apart from the hundreds of similar movies that have come before it? First, the cast is really good (featuring the girl wizard from Harry Potter and Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson). Second, the main character is a kid who seems like he does not know how he gets into most of the situations he is wrapped up in… which most people who have been in high school can relate to. Third, there is no magical happy ending or resolution. The issues that are addressed are deep enough to be emotional and moving, but are still realistic and meaningful. This movie runs a little heavy on the self-pity, and has a healthy dose of drama, but not too much for my taste. I liked it. DO IT!