8 chick flicks in 5 days

8 chick flicks in 5 days… is 7 too many. Trust me, I tried it. I learned an important lesson about moderation. Based on my experience, I recommend that Guys not exceed 1 or 2 chick flicks per week, no matter how badly you want to win points with your girl. Women can handle a higher dose because they have spent years building up a tolerance for heartfelt drama and sappy romantic comedies. Here are the 8 that I watched, with a brief review (two words or less). For additional details, refer to the review for each movie on my site www.mychicksflicks.com

When in Rome – Horrible

Easy A – Pretty Good

The Lucky One – Mediocre

Leap Year – Excellent

Two Weeks Notice – It’s Decent

New in Town – Really Boring

Dear John – Mediocre

One for the Money – Not great

I was just looking at pictures of myself that were taken before and after watching so many chick flicks in a short amount of time… incredible: