Message in a Bottle

A woman finds a bottle on the beach containing a touching letter to a lost loved one. She uses her resources at a Chicago Newspaper to find the man who wrote the letter and leaves for the East Coast to track him down. As they begin to fall for each other, the woman learns of the heartbreaking origin of the letter. She searches for the words to tell the man about the letter that she found, and how she came to search for him.

I liked this move a lot. If you are prepared and willing to watch a true chick flick, then this one is a great choice. It follows the blueprint for any chick flick pretty closely: lost love, regret, redemption, secrets and lies, emotional dialogue, following your heart, etc. What sets this movie apart is an excellent cast, and a touching, but realistic and tangible storyline. It was not overly complicated, and there were no unbelievable coincidences. Best of all… it is among the very few chick flicks that does not end with the guy/girl racing to the airport/train station/bus stop to catch their “true love” before it walks out on them forever. I will warn you that the movie progresses pretty slowly, and there is not really any action to speak of. It is a chance to show your girl that you can appreciate a good love story. These Nicholas Sparks movies are very hit and miss, but this one is definitely a HIT! Enjoy.