Chick Flick Picks – 4th of July

Prepare yourselves for a patriotic weekend! Hot, crowded, greasy… what could be better! After the fireworks are over, when you settle down to nurse your sunburn, consider one of these chick flicks for your viewing pleasure:

Pearl Harbor – Not directly related to our battle for independence, but a patriotic salute to the armed forces. This epic movie is based on another important and emotional moment in our country’s history.

Fried Green Tomatoes – This is a summer-time favorite. The independence of two courageous, southern women is highlighted in this movie. There is an unforgettable twist in the plot that involves a very “special” barbecue recipe. You will enjoy this one.

Labor Day – You have to appreciate the irony of watching a movie about Labor Day, for Independence Day. Although the holidays don’t match up, this is a great movie to watch any time of the year. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it this weekend.

Footloose – Rebellion, youth, energy. It “feels” like summer time. The Kevin Bacon original is classic, but I like the remake even better.

500 Days of Summer – “Summer”. Get it? A sarcastic, and unpredictable twist on the story of “boy-meets-girl”.


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