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The last time you went out, you tried to come up with something “spontaneous and exciting”. You were surprised to learn that she did not enjoy Burger King and BINGO as much as you had hoped. This time go for the sure thing, dinner at a restaurant that does not have a drive-thru window then a chick flick.

You get busted for forgetting your anniversary… but you respond quickly “I didn’t forget, I just wanted to surprise you with a relaxing evening at home, and a good movie”. RoboCop won’t cut it in this situation, better make it a chick flick.

You have an awesome trip planned with your buddies, but you forgot to tell your wife you were going to be leaving her alone with the kids for the weekend while you are out playing… Trouble! Suggestion: Watch a really sappy (but bearable) chick flick, then casually bring up the trip after the movie is over .




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