About a boy

A hip Londoner helps out a young friend and learns lessons about selflessness, and true happiness along the way.

Honestly, the only thing about this movie that makes it a chick flick is that it stars Hugh Grant. He is a selfish playboy who spends his time worrying about himself. He takes an awkward (very awkward) teen boy under his wing. As he teaches the boy how to fit in and be cool, he comes to self-realization of how little substance his own life has. The comedy of this movie is rather subtle, but brilliant. We can all relate to some degree with the gawky young boy trying to fit in. It is almost like Hugh Grant’s character here points out what is irritating about every other Hugh Grant character; no substance beyond the smile and the accent, and the little wisps of hair that he continually brushes back in the most charming way possible (pronounced “chaw-ming”). I think you will enjoy this one.