Runaway bride

A woman gains notoriety for leaving men at the altar. A journalist follows the woman to develop a story, but becomes romantically involved himself.

The movie is not really that bad. There are some funny and memorable moments. What I didn’t like about this movie was Julia Robert’s character. She is self-centered, indecisive, emotional, fanciful, ungrateful, and melancholy. In the end she gets away with it all just because she is cute. That is the message that your sister/girlfriend/wife will draw from this movie too: “It’s okay for me to act any way I want and say anything I please, because the world is all about me!” Additionally, Richard Gere’s character seemed too pathetic. The leading male role sets out to investigate this woman who leaves men at the altar, but somehow gets drawn to her and finds himself in the same position despite his efforts to resist. I actually found myself hoping that it didn’t work out for him because I was a little bit ashamed of him. Ha.