A man and woman meet and have a romantic connection. She refuses to tell him her number or any more information. She challenges him that if it is meant to be, then they will somehow find each other again. Many near misses ensue until they finally reunite.

The movie was interesting. The cast was decent. The movie was pretty entertaining. It was the just the plot of the movie in general that turned me off. I was so annoyed by the premise of letting “fate” decide if the two main characters should be together. I was not convinced that Beckinsale’s character really wanted it to work. She was insistent upon throwing their potential relationship to the wind to see if it was “meant to be”. I wanted the dude to save his effort in trying to find her again, and looking for someone who cared enough to stick around. I am disturbed by the message of this movie. It suggests that you are not meant to be with someone unless the stars repeatedly, and consistently throw you together. Whatever happened to getting to sticking with someone because you like the way you feel when you are with them? This is a decent movie, but has a really annoying premise. Watch something else.