Along Came Polly

A man struggles to regain his footing after he discovers his new wife cheating on him during their honeymoon. He encounters an attractive past acquaintance and explores the possibility of a relationship with this free-spirited friend.

As far as romantic comedies go, this is pretty good… but not really good. Ben Stiller is pretty funny as a neurotic, risk analyst trying to overcome devastating betrayal. Jennifer Aniston is pretty funny as a free-spirit who just can’t be grounded. They just aren’t that great together. I was actually disappointed that they ended up together in the end (Spoiler Alert!… I should probably put that before the spoiler). It would have been better if they had their time together and then moved on… Like that would ever happen in a romantic comedy. There were some funny moments, and some good lessons, but overall it was mediocre at best. Only DO IT, if there is nothing else to do.