The Best of Me

A man survives an accident on an oil rig, and discovers a deeper meaning for his life when he is reunited with a past love. The story switches portrays their reunion as well as the story of their meeting 20 years earlier ant the events that eventually drove them apart.

This movie is based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. It follows a pretty standard formula: Guy + Girl + Troubled Past = Love + Drama + Emotional Ending

The characters in the “current day” (played by Marsden and Monaghan) were not bad, but the “young lovers” from the back story did not work very well. Their interaction and romance felt contrived and superficial. You will also notice that the guy cast as “high school Romeo” has to be at least 40 years old. Overall, it felt like a script based on a story written by someone trying to copy a Nicholas Sparks novel. The movie followed the stereotypical “chick flick formula”. The ending was one of the worst I have seen to date. Picture the most tragic ending possible (spoiler), and throw in a couple of ridiculous coincidences. It would be a better conclusion if you just turn off the movie and stop watching at any point before the last ten minutes (the actual ending).