Still Alice

A woman begins to experience memory loss and disorientation. Her mental capacity deteriorates as she seeks to diagnose the cause. She discovers that she has early onset Alzheimer’s and her life begins to drastically change. She seeks the support of her family as she learns to deal with her new reality.

This movie is excellent. It is moving, meaningful, and real. The inherent emotion of the plot is presented in a realistic manner and is well-moderated. After learning about the premise of this movie, I was sure that it would be 2 hours of sobbing and weeping. I had low expectations, but I was very surprised by how good it actually was. The story progresses quickly enough to stay interesting and is not drawn out in the end. The cast is incredible. The sincere, but not over-played performances by each of the main characters are noteworthy. This is one of the best made movies I have seen that involves terminal illness. Simple, moving, and impressive. I recommend it.

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