An admissions officer for Princeton University discovers that an applicant she is evaluating may be her son given up for adoption many years earlier. She must balance her professional objectiveness with her desire to help this special applicant make it into the school. She simultaneously develops feelings for the high school counselor who works with the student. She must figure out a way to help the student gain admission without appearing biased.

This movie started out pretty funny, but lost its charm about half way through. There was a good balance of humor and drama in the first part of the movie. Half way through the movie there seemed to be a determination to push the plot along and there was a noticeable shift in focus. At that point the story was just not that interesting: a kid might get into Princeton… or not. That’s about it. In the very end there was a surprise plot twist that was completely unnecessary, but still not that interesting. You could do worse, but you deserve so much better.