9 chick flicks that guys won’t hate

With the upcoming holiday on Feb 14th, there will inevitably be millions of guys scrambling to plan something to do with their girlfriend/wife/sister/ or mother on that special evening. There is a lot of pressure to plan something incredible and memorable for that night. In case you still haven’t figured it out, I am talking about Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it, not all of us will live up to the high expectations… a high percentage of us will end up just watching a movie at home. If you find yourself among this population on Valentine’s Day, heed this warning: Your only chance of getting through the night on good terms is to swallow your pride and watch a chick flick. Even if your girl is normally content to sit through “Terminator 7” or “Jason vs. Freddy vs. Predator” with you, she will not be okay with that on Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, most movies that qualify as “chick flicks” are dreadful and you may not survive. I don’t want you to die, and I don’t want you to lose your girl. That is why I am suggesting a few movies that will score points for you, but not make you want to jump out of a window:

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Labor Day – This movie was a very pleasant surprise. It was not only bearable, it was really good. It turned out to be less of a chick flick, and more about a boy and his need for a father figure. Your girl will enjoy the story of a woman falling in love with a fugitive who hides out in her house. You will enjoy learning how to be a real man from Josh Brolin. He may be the coolest character to ever appear in a chick flick. This is a great choice.


Ghost – A couple is attacked in the street, and the man is killed. He resists the “light” that calls him to the other side in order to stay with his wife. He learns that she is in danger, and must find a way to protect her.

This is as good as it gets. There are scenes that are pretty heavy on the romance and emotion, but they are integral to the story. There is action, murder, and revenge. Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg make out. The ending is one of the best of all time (spoiler: the bad guy gets impaled by a jagged sheet of glass). Watch it. Watch it again if it has been a few years.


Crazy, Stupid, Love – Steve Carell faces the possibility of divorce after his wife discloses an affair and discontent in their marriage. He crosses paths with a younger man at a bar who begins to mentor him in how to attract the opposite sex. Carell must decide between trying to get his wife back, and sticking with his new lifestyle. Meanwhile, his new acquaintance kindles a relationship with a young lady who turns out to be Carell’s daughter. Trouble! I liked this movie a lot. It was really funny, but also seemed meaningful. It inspired me to be more like the cool Carell, and less like the lame Carell.


The Fault in Our Stars – There has been a lot of hype about how incredible this movie is. Most of that hype was probably from women, but it is not entirely inaccurate. Your girl has almost certainly seen this movie already, but she will still enjoy watching it with you. A young guy and girl each struggle in their fight against cancer, and find each other. They manage to focus more on life and less on dying as they grow closer.

I found this movie to be pretty entertaining and original. I expected 2 hours of how bad cancer sucks, and how unfair life can be. While both of those things are true, I really appreciated that the story focused more on the things the two characters were able to do together. Spoiler: she lives, he dies. Don’t cry at the end.


Cold Mountain – Set in the period of the Civil War. This is the story of a woman trying to survive on the frontier, and a man trying to survive the journey back to her. Jude Law plays a man drafted to fight in the Confederate Army. He is wounded, and determines that deserting is his only chance to escape the war with his life. He must travel through the wilderness over hundreds of miles to return to his home, avoiding Confederate patrols, and trying to decide who he can trust to help him in his journey. Nicole Kidman stars as a woman from the city who moves to the frontier with her father, but then is left alone after he dies. She must figure out how to make it on her own in order to survive.

This movie will make you happy that you have electricity, and running water, and McDonald’s. Life on the frontier is wild, and brutal, and tough. This movie is about determination and grit. It is also about two people driven by their love to survive long enough to see each other again. You will like this one a lot, but it is kind of long.


Spanglish – This is an Adam Sandler movie, but this one is different: it’s smart and meaningful, inspiring, and emotional. I know that’s hard to believe; it was pretty hard for me to believe too. The story is about a young girl who is inspired by her mother’s dedication and love. Her mother works as a maid for the family of a professional chef (Sandler).

Despite the description of the plot, this is a movie that you will like. It is not particularly exciting, but it is really good. The acting in this movie is high caliber. You will very likely get a raised eyebrow when you suggest a movie with Adam Sandler as a “chick flick”. Tell her to trust you, and to believe in you; isn’t that what the holiday is all about? She won’t be disappointed.


Wicker Park – A man searches relentlessly for a woman that he met, but lost touch with several years earlier. This one is pretty heavy in all the categories that typically make guys uneasy or disinterested: emotion, passion, romance, etc. However, it is pretty interesting, and carried by a great cast. Starring Josh Hartnett, the bad guy from Scream, and some girls.


The Family Man – Nicolas Cage stars as a man who has grown weary of his wife and kids. He magically trades places with a high-power, rich, single man. He enjoys all of the things that men typically seek after, but ultimately realizes that he misses his wife and children. Despite the “quasi-christmas-miracle-magical switch” aspect of the story, this movie is pretty good. Nicolas Cage does well. You will probably appreciate this one most if you are married or have kids. This one will score major points with your woman; very tender.



Pride and Prejudice (2005) – Can you imagine the look on your girl’s face when you tell her that you want to watch “Pride-and-freaking-Prejudice”? She will be blown away. Not every guy will find this movie bearable. It takes some effort to get through it, but is well worth it. It is definitely, without a doubt, a chick flick. However, it is a very good chick flick. Try it out. If you don’t like it, you can always take a nap.