Date Night

A man and woman arrange a night away from the kids. They have difficulties getting into an exclusive restaurant, so they pose as a couple that doesn’t show for their reservation. As a result, they are mistaken for the missing couple by a group of men looking for them. Their night out turns into an all-night adventure escaping the bad guys, searching for someone who can help them, and trying to find the couple that they are impersonating in order to set everything straight.

The plot of this movie was really entertaining and funny (it reminds me of an old Seinfeld episode). Tina Fey and Steve Carell were a good match. Unfortunately, it takes a sharp turn downhill after the first 45 minutes. It has a really good start, but felt like a completely different movie for the second half. It changes quickly from a believable, situational comedy to a contrived, slapstick, action-adventure. It seemed like once the story got started, there was no plan of how to bring it to a close. I am torn: “DO IT!” for the first half, but “DON’T DO IT!” for the second half.