The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


The story of a boy who is born with a strange affliction: He ages in reverse. He is born with an old, decrepit body; which becomes younger and more vibrant as he grows older. The movie starts with his birth, and follows him throughout his life. We see him in his childhood, through his developmental years, and into his last days. Along the way he embarks on many various adventures, influences the lives of many people, and falls in love.

The plot of the movie sounds very strange, but the story is actually very interesting. It is essentially the story of a unique man who leads a rich, adventurous life, and is well-loved by those around him. His unique physical condition serves to make the story even more interesting. This movie was entertaining, meaningful, and somewhat inspirational. There was considerable effort made to keep the ending from being “weird”, which was ultimately unsuccessful: Benjamin Button is a little baby, who is cared for by the old woman who was once his young lover. The ending was unavoidably strange, and really dragged on (to a total of 166 minutes, YIKES!). The rest of the movie was good enough to overcome the unfortunate ending in my opinion. I really liked this movie.