Presidential picks

In honor of President’s Day, a tribute to two of our country’s greatest leaders is appropriate. George Washington (born 22 February 1732) was critical in the fight for our independence and our democracy. He embodied courage and manliness through his entire military and political career. Abraham Lincoln (born 12 February 1809) led our country through one of its most tumultuous periods. He stood boldly for principals of freedom and equality at a time when the country threatened to tear itself in two.

These two historical figures stand to this day as pillars of strength and virility. Using historical data and complex algorithms, I have determined which chick flick each of these leaders would recommend as their favorite:

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Washington – Dan in Real Life

George Washington was known for being able to navigate through difficult situations. That’s why he can relate to this story of a man left to raise three young daughters on his own. To make matters worse, the man falls hard for the girl that his brother has been dating. What a pickle!

This movie’s got it. It’s funny, and deep, and entertaining. Washington enjoyed a meaningful plot, but he also appreciated a good laugh. This is one you can watch multiple times, and it’s still entertaining.

Lincoln – 500 days of Summer

Original. Funny. Sarcastic. Just like Abraham Lincoln.

The main character falls in love, but it doesn’t work out. You are told that in the first fifteen seconds of the movie, then you see the story first hand. It is very true to life and easy to relate to. There is a good dose of humor, with enough emotion to make the story meaningful.

Lincoln would have appreciated how the main character faces defeat, but still presses on.

Note: Watch j.gordon leavitt get dumped, then watch him in “Looper” or “Inception” to see him back on top. It’s inspirational.