The break-up

A man and woman are in a relationship for many years, but when tensions reach a boiling point they decide to split. Neither party is willing to concede and they find themselves wondering if it is “for-good” this time.

This movie was so easy to relate to. It’s actually very stereotypical: loud, obnoxious, rude guy and picky, neurotic, emotion-driven woman. The main characters, played by Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, seem to represent the side of each of us that is the most difficult to get along with. We might be able to control the prickly parts of our character better than these two, but they are usually present to some degree. This movie was really funny. A lot of situational comedy, and even more “I can’t believe that he just did that/didn’t do that/said that/forgot that/got caught doing that”. In the end, the guy is a jerk. Sometimes, when you see a bad behavior in someone else it helps you realize just how annoying it is when you do the same thing. You might actually learn a valuable lesson from watching this movie. DO IT!vaughn