the five year engagement

A man proposes to a woman, who accepts. The couple postpones the wedding multiple times for a variety of reasons. They begin to question if being together is really the best thing, or if they have grown too far apart.

This movie is very funny, and really entertaining. The theme is easy to relate to and the story is meaningful. We follow the couple through the transition of “I really want to be with this person!” to ” Do I really want to be with this person?”. The story moves along at a pace that won’t bore you. The situations that the couple faces are pretty realistic (for the most part). The characters are likeable, and the actors are great. There is a notable difference in hotness between Emily Blunt (wow!) and Jason Segel (how?), not unlike many couples in real life. If you have ever asked “How is he with her?” then you know what I mean.

3 warnings:

  1. This movie is not for kids
  2. There was a part at the end that made me a little emotional; but I insist it was just because I was caught off guard
  3. You will really want tacos after you watch this, you will see what i mean…